‘Enough of the profane songs’ – Hannah Marfo to Ghanaian Musicians

    Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Hannah Marfo has called on the modern-day artiste to put an end to songs that promote adultery and promiscuity.

    “The rise in adultery in this generation is as a result of songs that contain indecent videos and pictures with a lot of profane words and so I plead with all modern day artistes to put an end to them because such songs do not please God,” she said in an interview on ‘Owners Of Tomorrow’ on the YouTube-based KNM TV.

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    According to the ace musician, the lyrics in most songs have contributed to the rise in adultery.

    “One listens to these songs and he is been triggered to commit adultery.”

    “These songs are even the reason for the rise in teenagers engaging in pre-marital sex in purposeless relationships. Let us sing songs that glorifies God,” she stated.

    Watch the full interview below:


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