EOCO wants to collapse Nduom’s businesses – PPP


    The Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) has accused the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) of seeking to collapse the businesses of their founder and flagbearer in order to keep them out of the 2016 elections.

    EOCO, according to the Daily Graphic, has sent letters to the standard bearers of the PPP and the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Nduom and Dr. Hassan Ayariga respectively, giving them up to Wednesday, October 26, to explain the source of funding of aspects of their political campaigns.

    EOCO, in the said letter, is demanding Dr. Nduom to explain to it the source of the over GHc1.7million he used to pay for his filing fees and that of his parliamentary candidates.

    The anti-graft body stated in the letter to Ayariga that it was interested in his claims that he expended over $6 million to procure vehicles among others.

    The two men, as well as 10 others, have been disqualified from participating in the December 7 elections due to a number of reasons cited by the Electoral Commission.

    Reacting to the reported invite, Communications Director of the PPP, Paa Kow Ackon Ackon indicated that the move by EOCO was nothing but an attempt by some “invisible forces to hide behind state institutions to victimise” Dr. Nduom and also collapse his businesses in the country.

    He wondered why EOCO would be seeking clarification now, pointing out that the PP has formally submitted their audited accounts to the Electoral Commission.

    “They (EOCO) are disgracing Nduom and they should be very careful. People handling state institutions like its hereditary monarchy must be very careful. A lot of citizens get their daily bread from Nduom. He has about 60,000 workers and he pays them salaries so they can make a living…We are in a new era; we will not allow anyone to collapse any business in the country. They [EOCO] are just trying to collapse his [Nduom] businesses.”

    He continued that “These are wicked people; they would neither create the jobs nor allow one to create his to help the people.”

    However, the Communication Director said the party would not allow any body to drown their political aspirations.

    He therefore urged party members to join him in the fight against EOCO.

    “We don’t have to sit down quietly; the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing…We will oblige to EOCO’s letter accordingly anytime it gets into our hands” he maintained.