Evil KUMACA heads and teachers using student virgins for ‘Juju’ – Old Staff


    An anonymous old staff of the Kumasi Academy (KUMACA) has revealed that some evil head teachers and teachers of the school have been using virgin students’ blood for ‘juju’.

    According to him, the heads and teachers whom some are due for transfers to other schools have spiritually fortified themselves with powers which require virgins blood hence the killing of first year students whom majority are virgins.

    He added that some have been holding administrative positions and teaching for the past 22-27 years now.

    He disclosed that there is a power struggle between some of the teachers, assistant headteachers and heads of the school.

    He added that some non teaching staff of the school have equally died through occultism practised by some of the teachers and heads but are swept under the carpet.

    About four students of the school died last week and 13 admitted at the various hospitals in Kumasi of a mysterious disease found to be H1N1 Influenza virus also known as swine flu.

    Speaking on Abusua Nkommo hosted by Kwame Adinkrah, he revealed that some of the teachers introduced some of the continuing students into occultism adding that any teacher or staff who attempts to go against them is kicked out or killed.

    He stated that the strange deaths that have struck the school cannot be blamed on meningitis or H1N1 Influenza as claimed by Noguchi Memorial Research Center, the Health Minister Kwaku Agyeman Manu and some health officials.

    ‘Some of the heads and teachers have spiritually fortified themselves, they practice occultism where virgins’ blood are required, you know majority of these first year students are virgins. I am telling you these heads and teachers are evil, they have been killing the students just to forever remain at their various posts without been transferred,’ he stated.

    He stated that the surest way to curb the deaths in the school is to transfer the heads and teachers to other schools and not the fumigation and vaccinations.

    ‘The Education ministry and government should act up to stop these deaths by transferring all the teachers and heads to other schools, this is a spiritual matter which needs urgent attention,’ he suggested.

    It is widely believed that some of the continuing students practice occultism and have acquired huge sums of monies of which some are stashed in their parents’ homes and banks.

    Some pastors in the Kumasi Metropolis have been exorcising the students since last week.

    The school’s authorities have been tight-lipped ever since the incident broke out.