Family of medical student who died in Cuba breaks silence

    The family of a 23-year Erasmus Klutse, a medical  student who died at Cuba family has requested for privacy in this difficult moment.

    According to them, they are still in a state of shock and are yet to come to terms with his sudden demise.

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    He explained the family made the appeal when a delegation paid a visit to commiserate with them.

    Mr Erasmus Klutse, a  second year medical is said to have passed on on Friday, May 7, 2021, with the cause of his demise yet-to-be known.

    His colleague students have alleged the harsh living conditions in Cuba accounted for his death.

    Dr Eduah said the family told them on their visit   that their son was a diabetic patient whose condition was being managed for sometime now.

    so  they will wait for the autopsy report to ascertain the cause of death.

    “Dr Eduah said i have  stayed away from the radio or TV and i will also plead with the media to tone down  coverage of the incident,” HE SAID.




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