Filling station attendant JAILED for faking robbery attack

    A 30-year-old man, Abodea Mensah Alex has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment with hard labour by Bibiani circuit court presided by his honour Joshua Caleb Abaidoo for faking robbery attack.

    The accused person who was a manager of a Puma Filling Station at Sefwi Dwenase on the 20th May, 2021 between the hours of 13:50 hours GMT was asked to deposit a sum of GHC 43,156.70 at the Sefwi Dwenase branch of the Republic Bank.

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    According to the prosecutor, some hours later the accused person called back to office claiming he has been attacked by some gun-wielding men who snatched the money.

    Upon investigation, it was revealed that the accused person gave an amount of Ghc5200 to someone to send home for him. He then took the person’s motorbike to run an errand which he indicated would be returned shortly after.

    Later, the owner called Mr. Abodea to come for the money and return the motorbike, but he told the owner to take the money as payment for it because the Police, after the robbery case was reported to them, had impounded it.

    He additionally sent Ghc3000 to the owner to buy a new one because he had been attacked by gun men and may not have any option than to buy a new one.

    Upon further interrogations, it came to light that Mr. Abodea’s narrations of the incident were concocted.

    Therefore the Bibiani Circuit Court, presided over by Joshua Caleb Abaidoo, pronounced that Mr. Abodea Mensah Alex be jailed for eight years with hard labour.


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