Five unforgivable mistakes Mahama made that Akufo-Addo is sadly repeating


    Be it all as it may, the Nana Addo led administration is argued to be trespassing on thorny grounds and thus repeating the very sins of the erstwhile Mahama administration which cost them the 2016 elections. makes the list of such mistakes.

    1. Failure to check or sanction appointees who speak loosely

    Just as former president Mahama failed to address issues regarding how government appointees spoke uncontrollably to political detractors and Ghanaians as a whole, Nana Addo’s government can be said to be doing just that. We saw it when the deputy trade minister, Ahomk Lindsay said Ghanaians love whining and complaining about everything. We also saw it with recent outbursts against Mahama regarding the Ghana Post GPS system.

    2. Not heeding concerns by Ghanaians over issues of corruption

    The Nana Addo administration, just like any other government, is bound to face issues regarding corruption. It is to this end that Nana Addo decided to come up with a special prosecutor office which will deal strictly with all corrupt government officials. But beyond this move by the government have been calls to deal with deep-rooted levels of corruption across various ministries in government and Just like what happened under the Mahama administration, we seem not to have a clear-cut response by the government on the matter.

    3. Failure to tame loud-mouthed NPP officials

    One major challenge faced the NPP administration has to do with some well-known NPP officials who keep issuing warnings against the government. We did learn about this development under the Mahama administration with citizen vigilante, Martin Amidu who openly criticized the Mahama administration and thus exposed the party even before the 2016 elections. It is therefore incumbent upon the government to address this headache.

    4. Vigilantism, national security

    The Mahama-led administration was rocked with cases of the Fulani crisis which sparked controversy regarding the safety of the country. Although government stepped in to resolve the matter, it turns out that their efforts were not strong and firm enough. The NPP administration today has pro-NPP vigilante groups, Fulani crisis and land guards to deal with.

    5. Aids, gifts from foreign donors

    The NPP administration is beginning to be seen as a government that shows so much interest in foreign trade and investment. That’s pretty good for the economy but the issue regarding aids and grants is one that attracts so much opposition from especially Ghanaians. With the 1 million dollar gift from India.

    Just like the NDC lost the confidence of Ghanaians especially regarding the burgeoning debt stock and consistent borrowing, there is no surprise to the possibility of the NPP facing same chagrin.