#FixTheCountry: Gov’t can’t be blind & deaf to youth demands – Economist

    Professor and former Chief Economist for the Bank of Ghana (BoG) under the Prime Minister K.A. Busia administration, Dr Assibi O. Abudu, has stated that the government of President Akufo-Addo cannot pretend to be blind and deaf to the demands of the youth calling on the government to fix the country.

    He said, for the government to act blind and deaf to the plight of the youth, especially fixing the employment deficit in the country could result in instabilities and crimes the government is not ready for.

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    Dr Abudu, who is the author of the popular book ‘Fixing Ghana: Removing The Breaks To Progress’ posited that the reason why the youth are protesting and demonstrating against the government is because there are no proper communication channels between the government and the youth of the country to make their grievances heard.

    He said the youth are filled with energy but no proper ventures such as jobs to channel their energy.

    Dr Abudu said a good government will meet the leaders of these youth who want to demonstrate to dialogue with them in order to ascertain what their grievances are and try to come to terms with what their demands are.

    He warned that if the government doesn’t grant the youth the audience they are seeking and they converge to protest as they are seeking to do across the country, the police service and the military will not have enough personnel to police and control them in the country.


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