FLASHBACK: The REAL REASONS why Daddy Lumba SUED Anokye Supremo


    When the issue of Charles Kwadwo Fosu, known in showbiz as Daddy Lumba and Kwame Anokye also known as DL Jnr broke, my initial comments were “Oh! How, Lumba with all his money, why would he want to sue this young man he he’s shared some platforms with Anokye and acknowledges his existence as well.

    These and many questions were running through my mind and also informed my decision to dive into the issue and unveil the hidden mask behind the whole saga.

    After days of painstaking investigations from the camps of Daddy Lumba and DL Jnr, I am happy to report these shocking facts about the duo which are not immediately available in the media.

    The beginning of trouble

    The episode on the decision to sue DL Jnr started when he managed to convince an event organization to (name withheld) which was seeking the services of Lumba to perform at an event abroad to use him instead.

    According to the source, DL Jnr who was already in contact with the organisers while they were abroad met with them on January 12, 2018 at the Accra Mall after they had come to Ghana in search of ‘original’ Daddy Lumba. It was at the meeting that the organisers insisted on getting in touch with Daddy Lumba. Anokye reluctantly gave to them the contact of the legendary highlife musician.

    Anokye was said to have warned the organisers not to inform Daddy Lumba that he was the one who gave them his number. The organisers were said to have also discussed the details of the program with Anokye as well.

    Kwame Anokye, ‘DL Jnr’

    Anokye had prior to the meeting told the organisers that Daddy Lumba was his father. He also managed to convince the organisers that his ‘father’, Charles Kwadwo Fosu has been sick for weeks and that he cannot attend the show.

    He thus suggested to the organisers that they should consider him for the show as his ‘Daddy’ won’t be available. Having successfully sold these lies to the organizers, DL Jnr finally dropped his bombshell. He offered himself as a perfect replacement for the legend as according to him, he could perform and thrill the crowd at the big event abroad better than the ailing Legend.

    The organisers were said to have commenced negotiations with DL Jnr and started processing part of the initial agreement after several discussions.

    Luck however run out for DL Jnr when the Organisers managed to get in contact with Daddy Lumba’s manager who denied any knowledge of the communication and the purported agreement between Anokye and the event organizers.

    The enraged organizers were said to have demanded Anokye’s arrest for peddling lies but later rescinded that decision upon advice from some respected individuals in the showbiz industry.

    Run DL Jnr, run!!

    According to my sources, Anokye upon realizing that his cover has been blown went to the Taifa Police Station to report Lumba’s manager, for allegedly threatening that he would cause his arrest if he DL Jnr ever performed Daddy Lumba’s song at any event in the world.

    The manager was later invited by the police to assist with investigation into the alleged matter. When the details of these happenings got to Lumba, he was shocked to the marrow and then instructed his manager to take a legal action against DL Jnr.

    Anokye has since been knocking on doors of some renowned musicians pleading with them to talk to Daddy Lumba to drop all the charges against him. This happened when Musician Union backtracked their earlier promise to offer him a lawyer to fight the case in court.

    Support for DL Jnr at last

    Further checks from some deep throat sources also suggest that a renowned sound engineer is urging the young musician to keep fighting the case and has gone ahead to promise him a lawyer.

    Some analysts say the sound engineer is supporting Anokye against Lumba because he (Sound Engineer) has personal scores to settle with Daddy Lumba.