It has emerged that the Eye Vigilante Group which was the centre of a much-touted documentary on Militia Groups in the country is not a new group.

A video in possession of GhanaNewsPage.Com indicate that the group has existed for some years now.

The owner of the group who is said to be a former member of the security of the President is also known to have granted several radio and TV interviews about the group.

The Eye Militia Group was the centre of a 20-minute documentary by Joy News’ Manasseh Azure Awuni.

The Head of the Investigative Desk of the Multimedia Group and his team had claimed that the documentary was explosive and reveals into details the works of the Group which it describes as a ‘Militia Group’.

He marvels in the documentary how the group got to use the Osu Castle as its headquarters; a question which is yet to be responded to by government.

Checks by GhanaNewsPage.Com has revealed that the Group is actually a Vigilante Group but not a Militia the narrative in the documentary seemed to suggests.

Below is an interview granted by the Group’s leader to condemn acts of Violence by the Delta Force.