Florence Obinim explains sudden ‘gargantuan’ backside

    Pastor’s wife, Florence Obinim, has finally come out with an explanation for her sudden ‘gargantuan’ backside.

    Mrs. Obinim, who is married to the Founder and Leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, caused a stir when videos of her ‘gargantuan’ backside went viral.

    She was spotted at the birthday bash of her colleague Bofowaa, months after going on a hiatus.

    The video attracted rumors that Mrs. Obinim had gone under the knife in a bid to look more attractive.

    Debunking the rumour in the latest interview, she affirmed that her butt is a natural gift from God.

    Florence Obinim

    Mrs. Obinim touted the grace of God and the blessings she receives for charity work as the reason for her new well-built stature.

    “I have humbled myself before God and He has blessed me. He has given me all the money and beauty I need and that has become a headache for haters,” she said.



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