Forget One Corner, Woti Ate is here

    It seems there is an unspoken competition among our musicians as to who can come up with the most outrageous songs and dances to capture the public’s attention.

    While we are still dealing with the One Corner dance which brings out the craziness in people such that they will be humping any animate or inanimate object they can find, another craze is also gathering steam.

    This one is called Woti Ate and it is being fronted by Highlife/Afropop group Galaxy who have a single of the same name.

    The new dance move involves a vigorous nodding of one’s head and to say it is a dizzying dance will be to put it mildly.

    Narrating how it all began, Kwasi Davis, a member of Galaxy said they uploaded a video of themselves on social media doing the Woti Ate dance during one of their sessions in the recording studio.

    Even though it was just for fun, he said it became an instant hit and the result has been a new trend like Ladder and One Corner although it is yet to unseat One Corner.

    He said the popularity of the dance forced them to release their Woti Ate single last week because of the demand from fans.

    Kwasi Davis insisted that they didn’t introduce the song to rival One Corner.

    “One Corner wasn’t in mind at all and we have no intention of competing with it. Just like Azonto, Ladder and One Corner, Woti Ate will add up to the trends in the industry and I think that should be encouraged,” he said.

    Since 2012, Galaxy, made up of Kwesi Davis and Bra Chiky have stayed relevant in the industry with songs like Gborgborvor, Ye Mame, Tweaa, Bokoboko, My Woman among others.

    However, their kind of music has been criticised by some veterans in the industry. Just last week, Afrobeats artiste, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, criticised young artistes for the poor quality of their songs which quickly fade away.

    However, Kwasi Davis disagreed with him saying the growth of the industry demands certain ‘rough’ tactics to survive.

    “This is a new generation and even the population of Ghana has increased in the last three decades. There are new talents coming out with good music every day.

    “ The spread of radio stations has even added to the plight of musicians because you need more money to promote your music.

    “So if you identify a trend that people easily accept, why don’t you take advantage of it and give the people what they want?” he asked.

    He explained that people have different tastes which should be satisfied. “There are people who are hyper and love to jam to such commercial songs. There are others who love to listen to songs about broken heart. That is the diversity in music audiences,” he said.

    For now it remains to be seen if Woti Ate has enough staying power to take over from One Corner.


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