Former Second Lady donates to Kokrobite Chiltern Centre


    The former Second Lady, Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur, continues to break the Myth by helping the less privileged people in the society.

    Mrs. Amissah-Arthur,as part of the Breaking the Myth Foundation continues to show consistency in keeping to her promise to most of the children in the less Privileged Centre’s that she’s visited.

    Visiting the Kokrobite Chiltern Centre an orphanage and a school, as part of her Social Responsibility (CSR) to the children has been consistent and has been a pledge to the children that she will continue to spend time with them.

    Donating the items, Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur said, she was keeping with her commitment towards the well-being of the children at the home. Something she has being doing over the years by committing her time and resources to support care homes.

    She donated food items – bags of rice, cooking oil, candies, drinks, and other consumables to support the children.

    As part of her passion to encourage children to adopt good reading habits, she donated reading books and some educational materials for special needs to support the children. She advised the children to work hard and give maximum respect to their caregivers.

    Mrs. Amissah-Arthur took the opportunity to thank the management of the school for their commitment in caregiving to such great children in society.

    The Kokrobite Chiltern Centre was set up in 2004 by Jane and Martial Zohoungbogbo. They work with children and their families to give and sustain quality education; they also work with local schools to provide resources, teacher development and assistance with individual projects, e.g building toilets and provision of electricity.

    Also offer out of school activities for all children including Art, Sport, Exam preparation and additional English and Math classes.

    On behalf of the School, Jane, Martial took the opportunity to thank the Second Lady for her Kind gesture and support not only for the center but the role she continue to play by helping the less privileged in society
    She also expressed her gratitude to the Second Lady for fulfilling her commitments at this particular time, since the children
    really needed them.

    On behalf of the staff and children in the home, she praised the former Second Lady for the generosity shown towards them over the years.