Freemason is not a secret society; it only helps build one’s character – Kufuor


    Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has explained in an interview with Bola Ray that the group Freemason is a platform that nurtures a person morally and not a secret cult as others perceive it.

    The Former President who has recently, been appointed a Senior Grand Warden of the United Grand Lodge of England disclosed that he was not the first in his family to join the Freemasonry.

    “Members of my family have been there before me. Some were there even before I was born. I joined this society in 1967…it is not secret cult. It is a good system for character building… It’s a society that believes in ‘doing unto others as you want it to happen to you”.

    He went on further to note that the Freemason as a group believes in the Supreme Being, maker of the universe and does not operate with supernatural powers.

    “It’s a system that makes a man accept the creator, that is the giver of everything. To be a member, you must first accept, believe and acknowledge that’’. He observed.


    Former president Kufuor was appointed a Senior Grand Warden by the United Grand Lodge of England Grand Master, Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, who is the longest serving Grand Master.

    The United Grand Lodge of England is the governing body for most freemasons within the UK, with lodges in other Commonwealth countries outside the United Kingdom.

    The Lodge of England claims to be the oldest Grand Lodge in the world, by descent from the first Grand Lodge formed in London in 1717.

    It is headquartered in Freemasons’ Hall, London and is known to have more than 200,000 members.

    President Kufuor is no stranger to distinguished honours as he was previously honoured as a Knight Commander of the Order of Bath of the UK by Queen Elizabeth II and the highest award of the Order of the House of Orange by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, among other international honours.