Fulanis need to be respected and counted – Gedel Ahmed

    Acting Executive Director And Security African Centre For Fulbe (Fulani) Affairs and Security, Gedel Ahmed Mohammed has called on the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) to categorise Fulanis as a major ethnic group in the 2021 Population and Housing Census.

    The African Centre for Fulbe ( fulani) Affairs and Security in collaboration with Fulani Organizations and and the National Council of Fulani Chiefs at a press conference in Accra questioned why Fulani ethnic group have been excluded from the 2021 population and housing census.

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    “Gedel Ahmed Mohammed said the 2021 population and housing census must take cognizant of the fact that the Fulani community have been in Ghana for more than 400 years and exist in almost all part of the sixteen regions of Ghana and therefore deserves to be respected and counted by name like any other ethnic group in Ghana.

    “The tradition of livestock breeding in Ghana was started by the fulani  over 400 years  such as Nima, Fulani Lane in Adabraka predates over 100 years ago” he said.



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