FULL DETAILS: ‘Jealous’ Teacher POISONS colleague who was travelling abroad


    A young Basic School Teacher has confessed to poisoning his colleague because he got a VISA to travel out of the country to seek greener pastures.

    According to him, he did it out of jealousy and the thought that his friend was going to do well than he would.

    He said he had been teaching with this friend and they were very good friends but his friend who is from a less privileged background succeeded at everything he did and that pissed him off all the time.

    While as teachers, his friend had an opportunity of meeting a man who decided to help him by taking him outside Ghana.

    After all documents were worked on and visa approved, he said he poisoned his friend few days to his trip because he could not stand seeing his friend leave and becoming better than him at life.

    He explained that as a result of the poisoning, his friend could not make it for the trip because he was on admission at the hospital.

    While at the hospital, the young teacher said he buried the passport of his friend and therefore even when he came back from the hospital, he searched for it to no avail.

    The teacher said his friend forgo the idea of travelling and focused on investing money to establish a business; something which flourished and therefore forced him to quit teaching to focus on the business.

    He said even with this, he got envious and tried to convince his friend so he could invest in his business so that they share profits.

    His friend after rejecting the offer for some time decided to give in and allow his friend the opportunity to invest in the business.

    However, due to the poison, his friend had developed a chronic stomach disease and died at the age of 29.