Galamsey s3x tapes pop up


    Secret video recordings and photos purported to be the sexual encounters between the Chinese galamsey queen, and some top security officers and politicians in the country have popped up.

    The release of the sex tapes and photos follows the locking up of the galamsey kingpin, Aisha Huang (a Chinese) and four of her assigns in custody, awaiting trial, by an Accra High Court on Tuesday

    The Chinese woman is perceived untouchable, having built a network of influence in high places in the country with her ‘woman power.’ She and her gang of illegal miners (galamseyers) purportedly rely on that for protection whilst engaging in illegal gold mining activities, popularly known as galamsey.

    Despite government’s moratorium on galamsey operations across the country, the lady continuously carried on her illegal gold mining activities with impunity because she was said to be holding secret sexual video tapes of some power brokers in the security services and some politicians which she was using for blackmailing.

    Veteran journalist, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr of New Crusading Guide newspaper, had revealed on Joy FM’s ‘News File’ programme last Saturday that three women of Chinese extraction were involved in the supposed sex tape.

    In the said sex videos – which are in circulation on social media – a woman purported to be among the Chinese illegal miners – is seen being bonked in different positions by a man whose face has been buried.

    In one of the videos, a woman is seriously doing a blow job on a man whose face is not shown, but could be heard making hissing sounds in ecstasy.

    According to some concerned people, the sex tapes and photos have exposed the vulnerability of the country as men charged with the responsibility to protect it are so sentimental and prepared to trade off the nation’s wealth – gold – for sex.

    It has become talk of the town that the release of the tapes and photos is aimed at disabling the state authority from prosecuting the said ring leader of the galamsey group (Aisha Huang) and her assigns.

    Aisha Huang was arrested last Saturday night for allegedly flouting mining laws with impunity when she was left off the hook in August last year following her arrest over a similar offence.

    She had been freed and her excavators that were seized by operatives of the National Security, released following an order by the then Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC) under Alexander Ackon, the then regional minister.

    The arrest of the woman last Saturday came shortly after the apprehension of four other Chinese nationals who confessed working as illegal miners at Bepotenten in the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region, for Aisha Huang.

    The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) said Aisha was the kingpin of a Chinese galamsey gang, with other members being Gao Jin Cheng 45, Lu Qi Jun 39, Haibin Gao 26 and Zhang Zhi Peng 23.

    The Comptroller General of the Ghana Immigration Service, Kwame Takyi, explained yesterday that following the revelations made by Kweku Baako, his men moved in to effect Aisha’s arrest after receiving authorisation from the Interior Minister.

    Mr Kwame Takyi said the galamsey suspects had been brought to Accra and were assisting in investigations.

    Previous Arrest

    Some national security operatives on July 30, 2016, raided various gold mining sites to impound excavators and a pickup vehicle belonging to the Chinese woman that were being used for the illegal mining operation.

    She and her assigns had degraded lands, destroyed cocoa farms and polluted water bodies in several communities in the Amansie area, and the national security, in an attempt to clamp down on her activities, raided the sites.

    At Gyaaman village, the activities of the Chinese galamsey operator allegedly left six children dead when the victims drowned in open pits.

    However, the Ashanti Regional Security Council found it expedient to release the four excavators and the Toyota pickup to the galamsey miner to the chagrin of the local residents and owners of the mining concessions – Volta Resources Limited.

    Minister’s Explanation

    The action followed a decision arrived at by members of the Security Council “to correct and streamline” what they considered to be a breach of “orthodox way and acceptably recognized rules of the REGSEC in relation to anti-galamsey operations.”

    Even though the region’s former security liaison officer in the person of Enoch Amoako Nsiah, authorised the seizure of the excavators, the minister returned them to Aisha.

    The former minister explained that the Security Council in an attempt to establish leads, found it necessary to release the excavators to the owners in order to conduct proper investigation towards the clamp-down of the illegal mining activities in the region.

    On July 30, 2016, some operatives of the National Security – with assistance from officers at the Asokwa Divisional Police Command in Kumasi– raided the Manso Tontokrom gold field to clamp down on activities of galamseyers.

    The illegal miners, including members of Aisha’s group, reportedly fled the scene upon seeing the police, leaving behind mining equipment and tools.

    Two Chinese galamseyers, Chen Bingin 30 and Wu Xing Qiang 36, who were said to be working for the ‘untouchable’ woman, were also arrested after a chase, while ten excavators which they were using for the mining operation were seized by a combined team of security personnel.