George Weah’s son jailed in France

    33-year-old George Weah Junior, the son of Liberia’s ex-footballer president, George Oppong Weah, has been sentenced for six months for holding loud parties at his home in an upmarket Paris suburb and disturbing neighbours.

    Reports say the French court that handed down the sentence to the young man who is also a former footballer on Friday, suspended the jail term.

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    He was also ordered to pay 20,000 euros (24,000 dollars) to his neighbours after more than two years of parties that one of the plaintiffs described as “unbearable”.

    While in the court, the convict reportedly acknowledged the disturbances to his neighbours but said they were “without intention to cause harm”.

    Although the suspended prison sentence is said to be longer than expected, lawyer one of the plaintiffs who sued Weah, Ludovic Tardivel, said it’s “justified” and “an example.”

    He told AFP: “My clients have suffered more than two years of parties as if they were in a nightclub, Ibiza-style… we’re not talking about little evenings between friends.”

    According to reports, Weah was arrested in Paris in February at a party in a rented apartment in central Paris in breach of a nationwide Covid-19 induced curfew.

    He was allegedly arrested originally for verbally abusing police officers, but his neighbours in the suburb of Saint-Germain-en-Laye later stepped out with complaints of noisemaking against him.

    “Every time the police come for the noise, he gets his diplomatic passport out,” one unnamed neighbour told Le Parisien newspaper in February.

    While another neighbour described the parties held by Weah as “boom-boom music, with girls and champagne”, others said every evening was full of loud electronic music at the 150 m2 apartment, drunken shouting from the balcony, as well as aggressive behaviour.

    When asked about his father’s reaction to the development, the convict said: “He’s very annoyed, very angry.”


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