Ghana Card will be sole source of voter registration – EC Chairperson insists


    The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Jean Mensah has insisted that the Ghana Card will be the sole source for identification during the continuous registration exercise she seeks to embark on ahead of the 2024 elections.

    To her, the use of the Ghana Card as the sole means of identification in the continuous registration is the best as she is realiably informed that about 16 million Ghanaians already have the card.

    “The use of Ghana Card will prevent foreigners and minors from our voter register…more especially, it will prevent unqualified persons from influencing our elections and have a say on who leads us…so we call on our honourable members to support our effort at getting foreigners to vote…,” she said.

    The new Constitutional Instrument (C.I.), she added, will end the guarantor system used in voter registration in Ghana.

    The EC Chairperson said the guarantor system which was introduced in 1992 when Ghana has no means of indentification has not been the best and ought to be changed.

    According to her, the system has helped in getting many foreigners to register for the voter ID card as it was difficult to tell the real intentions of guarantors.

    “We believe that the elimination of the guarantor system will be a catelyst for having a credible voter register…,” she told the house.

    She further added that the guarantor system was introduced in 1992 when Ghana did not have an ID Card for identification and ‘this must end because of the challenges that come with it’.