Ghana drops 16 places in World Happiness Index to 111th

    Ghana has been ranked the 111th happiest country in the world.

    Ghana became the 111th country after dropping 16 places on the World Happiness Report.

    In 2021, the country placed 95th in the world happiness ranking.

    Compiled by a group of independent experts, the report was based on life evaluations from the Gallup World Poll with the ranking based on factors that lead to greater happiness.

    It was also based on metrics such as social support, freedom to make life choices, perceptions of corruption, GDP per capita and social support.

    There was no African country among the first 50 happiest countries in the world.

    Mauritius is, however, ranked 52nd.

    While, Libya is ranked 86th, with Ivory Coast ranked 88th, South Africa 91st, Gambia 93rd, Algeria 96th, Liberia 97th, Congo Brazzaville 99th and Morocco 100th.

    The other countries ranked before Ghana include Mozambique 101st, Cameroon 102nd, Senegal 103rd, Niger 104th, Gabon 106th and Guinea 109th.






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