Ghana Premier League to be played behind closed doors

    The Ghana Premier League matches will be played behind closed doors until further notice due to the increase in COVID-19 cases according to a directive from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS).

    Before the start of the campaign, the President of the nation, Nana Akuffo Addo, stated that only 25% of the stadium capacity will be allowed to enter the stadium.

    Currently, it has been reduced to zero due to the rise in COVID-19 cased across the country. The decision was communicated by Mr Ahmed Osman Halid, a consultant of the MOYS today in Accra.

    “In-line with the directive of CAF to organise football matches behind closed doors, without spectators in the midst of COVID-19 spike globally, the Ministry of Youth and Sports directs that all sporting events including the Premier League matches should be organised behind closed doors and without spectators,” he told the media.

    The MOYS also released a statement to that effect. Check out the statement below:

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