Ghana will develop faster if we change our bad attitudes – Apostle Boahen


    The First Deputy Chairman of The Christian Praise International Centre(CPIC) Apostle Moses Boahen is urging Ghanaians to serve the country wholeheartedly just as they do when they are working for themselves.

    He argued that if we serve the country the same way we work for ourselves Ghana would have moved forward faster than it is today.

    Apostle Moses Boahen who described the attitudes of most Ghanaians as bad believes “we have not yet understood what service is all about” saying “this is why we haven’t progressed like other nations.”

    “You see if you’re serving you country and you do like you’re doing it for God, God will bless you.But if you’re serving your country and you think that is for your country so you will not add the needed enthusiasm to your service but when it comes to your own you work with dedication is a wrong mentality.”

    “If we serve Ghana as if we’re working for ourselves I think it will be well with us,” he noted.

    Apostle Moses Boahen, who is also the Head Pastor of CPIC branch in Tema Community 4 was delivering a sermon under the theme, “Serve the Lord” at a five day Convention in Tema, which brought members from the CPIC branches in Prampram, Ashaiman , Tema Newtown, Sege, Ada, Ningo,and Dawhenya on Sunday, 17 December,2017.

    In an interview with Oman FM after the sermon, Apostle Moses Boahen cautioned Christians to eschew acts such as lateness to work, cheating as well as engaging in corruption so Ghana become a better place.

    He said as Ghanaians and for that matter Christians ” we must do business with integrity”.

    He warned those who see their appointment to higher office as opportunity to acquire ill wealth to stop doing so since such practice would have serious consequences on them and their descendants.

    “Corruption is a curse on us and it has serious impact on our children that are coming after us. If you’re a father and you acquire wealth through dubious means it has consequences on your children and so we have to take note of that whether you believe in God or not. It is a natural law.”

    Apostle Moses Boahen quoted Psalms 37:37 which reads “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace” to buttress his argument.


    Source: Michael Creg Afful