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Ghanaian Men of God are traitors; except Opuni Frimpong- Prof Ahetor


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Former deputy Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Professor John Bright Aheto has said Ghanaian elites have failed the country.

He described them as ‘traitors’

“I am a Christian but I cannot claim that God is listening to me because there are a lot of things that I think wrongly, I do wrongly and God does not like those things”

He reacted to Prof Stephen Adei comments on ‘winner takes all politics in Ghana’ some years ago when now ruling New Patriotic Party was in opposition.

Professor Stephen Adei was speaking on ‘Ghanaman’ Lecture on the theme; “56 years on: Is the Ghanaian really capable of managing his/her own affairs?”

He said. “We also have a reservoir of three million Ghanaians in the Diaspora into which we can tap. That we have not done so due to the poor leadership, adversarial and exclusive politics, so called winner takes all politics and other factors which have prevented the harnessing of our human resources to manage our affairs.”

Prof Aheto told Felicity Naana Nelson on Accra based Class91.3FM that Ghana is longer the country it used be because the leaders have turned into traitors.

“There used to be a time when some renowned educationist used to say winner takes all is bad that person after NPP won I have never heard him say a word.

Right now, he has created a position for himself and he has even complained that his salary is lower than that of the Ministers and he’s more qualified than.

If winner takes all was bad under President Mills and Mahama, then it should be bad under NPP.

He further said, ‘lets look at the best people who can do the things for us but we are suspicious of their loyalty, allegiance and so on. It doesn’t work that way”

He added, “We have kept quiet” when Felicity asked about what the elites have done for the country and their responsibilities.

“When you should talk and you keep quiet, you are traitor, you are worse than a traitor. All of them are traitors, not only the elites, the men of God 90 percent of them are traitors.

I know some who are not traitors. Opuni Frimpong is not a traitor; he speaks his mind”

Source: Ghana | GhanaNewsPage.com | William Kabutey Dosoo


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