Ghanaian wife & kids storm court to beg for Chinese husband being deported over galamsey

    Rebecca Oforiwaa, a 27-year-old wife to a Chinese man named Lan Hai Song has attended court to offer an emotional plea for the judge to temper justice with mercy.

    A report by Multimedia Group Limited indicates that this happened in the Kumasi High Court in a proceeding that was presided over by His Lordship Justice Emmanuel Senyo Amedahe.

    Lan Hai Song and his other accomplices, Wen Shi Li, Huang Shen Jun, and Li De Hao were ordered to be deported for using fraudulent means to attain residential status, working without required permits, and obtaining illegal residence.

    Oforiwaa reportedly disrupted court proceedings with the plea that her husband is a great man who saw her through high school and caters for her and the children including a four-day-old.

    “He is a good man who takes care of me and my family. He even catered for my SHS education. I delivered this baby with fresh placenta just four-days ago. I plead with Ghanaians to be lenient with him because he is not a bad person. How would I and my children survive in the unlikely event of his deportation?” she said.

    Despite her pleas, the decision of the court still stood tall as Oforiwaa was reminded that the consequence of her move to disrupt court proceedings could be dire.


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