‘Ghanaians opposing E-levy have never traveled outside’ – Diana Asamoah


    Gospel artist turned NPP communicator, Evangelist Diana Asamoah has slammed Ghanaians who have opposed the paying of the E-levy for developmental projects.

    In the voice of Diana Asamoah, Ghanaians opposing the introduction of the E-levy have never traveled outside Ghana. She stated that taxes play important roles in the country’s development.

    “If you go to Italy, the toll is automated. You will not see anyone there collecting tolls but you are compelled to pay. You pay 10 Euro on your going and the same on your return. Everything is taxed”, she said during an interview with Zion Felix.

    According to her, Ghanaians ought to travel in order to be exposed to how the system operates elsewhere.

    “In Ghana, it is because some people have not traveled before that is why they speak like that [against paying taxes]. If we were to explain the objective and the need to pay the E-Levy, it would bring massive developments. Ghana would have been so beautiful,” she added.