Ghanaians will feel impact of government policies this year – John Boadu


    He acting General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr John Boadu, has said Ghanaians will feel the full impact of the government’s policies to improve their lives in 2018.

    “I am of the firm conviction that 2018 shall be much more fascinating and greater in view of the life-changing policy interventions that are being rolled out by the hardworking Nana Addo-Bawumia government,” Mr Boadu said in a New Year message, adding that “I’m confident that Insha Allah, the full impact of these award-winning laudable interventions would be felt this year and beyond.”

    Mr Boadu said despite some few minutes in 2017, the year proved to be a great year for the country and “certainly, the greatest of all the happenings in 2017 was what we witnessed on January 7, where the Ghanaian people gladly welcomed a new regime.”

    This is against the background of complaints from certain quarters that the government could have done better in its one year in office to make them feel the impact in their pockets even if small, considering the suffering, hardship and deprivation Ghanaians are experiencing.

    However, supporters of the government are of the view that one year is too short to drastically turn the economic mess of the NDC around and in two years’ time, Ghanaians will feel the full impact of the economic interventions of the government.