‘Ghanaians won’t vote for a northern president again’


    Founder and Leader of the Independent People’s Party, now renamed Liberal Party of Ghana, Kofi Akpaloo, has said it will be very difficult for any politician from the Northern part of Ghana to ascend Ghana’s presidency after “President Mahama’s gross failures as president.”

    According to Akpaloo, John Dramani Mahama failed to impact the lives of Ghanaians positively as president for which reason the electorate will not trust a northerner with Ghana’s presidency.

    The disappointed presidential aspirant who now dines and wines with the ruling New Patriotic Party was speaking to host of Abusua Nkommo, Kwame Adinkrah while discussing the ongoing schemes by some operatives of the opposition National Democratic Congress to have their favourites lead the party ahead of the 2020 elections.

    President Mahama’s name has featured prominently among a dozen names in circulation including that of minority leader Haruna Iddrisu, a deputy speaker of parliament Alban Bagbin and several others.

    But Kofi Akpaloo believes none of the names from the Northern Regions of Ghana stands a chance of winning presidential elections.

    He said, “Kwame, no northerner will become president least not in the immediate future.”

    “This is a very bitter truth, but I have said it here now. John Mahama got the chance to make a case for the Northerners yet he scattered it with corruption and incompetence.”

    “This goes to the NPP and any other political party in Ghana. They should be careful fielding a candidate from the north because Mahama has spoilt their chances and this will take many years in the very far future before northern politicians can make an attempt for the presidency,” he added.

    Kofi Akpaloo added, “John Mahama has caused a lot of damage to the integrity of northern politicians, they are very decent people and they have produced very fine politicians, unfortunately Mahama’s performance has killed their chances for the presidency.”