Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Head Pastor and Founder of Glorious Wave Church International, has slammed the introduction of the Free Senior High School (SHS) programme.

According to him, anything free does not allow people to think and work for themselves.

He even suggested that God hates free things, nothing that “God did not create us for free things.”

He said: “One thing I really hate is the Free SHS. Anything free doesn’t change people. Look at the end of countries that did free things, they did not become productive.”

He added: “God did not create us for free things. He created us to earn and do what we want with what we gain. And the government is going to feed and take care of my child? With what?

“Any free thing doesn’t give you room to think. It doesn’t give you room to be productive.”


  1. Which bogus pastor is this? He doesn’t value the human resource capacity of Ghana at all. Does he truly understand education?

    I want him to know that remittances is the leading foreign exchange earner for Ghana. Assuming we can ungrade education levels in Ghana in skills like IT, medical field, etc then we stand the chance of increasing remittances from $4.5billion to probably $8billion thereabout.

    Getting educated people in Agric, especially farming will certainly improve yields because they are most likely to be exposed to modern techniques of Agriculture and appreciate more, efforts to increase output in this sector.

    Education and development go hand in hand. A well educated society would in no way go for the likes of NDC to govern them. The pastor is afraid of this fact, and thus finding excuses to discredit Free SHS. He was bragging about the fact that somebody had giving him an executive mansion as a present. Assuming those people who put up the mansion were not educated, would he have described the mansion as “executive”?

    Educating one person and giving him true value is better than pumping billions of dollars in inflated infrastructure costs.