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Friday, November 27, 2020

Government intensifies COVID 19 safety measures amidst second wave


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Stephen Owura Kissi
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The government of Ghana through the ministry of local government and rural development and the ministry of health has began a third phase of fumigation and disinfection across all 16 regions as COVID 19 case count surges.

It has been recently reported that Ghana is beginning to record higher numbers of COVID 19 infections across key central business areas in the country.

Following a report by the university of Ghana medical school, the government decided to embark on a third phase of its planned quarterly national fumigation and disinfection.

The initiative is aimed at tackling the growing numbers of COVID 19 cases, in line with the World Health Organization’s recommendation of surface disinfection and fumigation especially in enclosed spaces.

The target for the third phase of the exercise is central business areas where a lot of people converge to do business. Although most markets are open spaced, most operators within the market operate in enclosed areas, making it possible for the exercise to take place and produce results.

The disinfection program begun on Thursday 12the November 2020 in the Greater Accra region and ended on Saturday, 14th November 2020.

The metro public health director for Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Mrs Florence Kuukyi told the media that her outfit was in continuous monitoring of events in her metropolis, and will continue to ensure that residents and businessmen and women operating in the region fully abide by the safety protocols laid out by the ministry of health.

As an oversight function, she indicated that all those who do not comply with COVID 19 safety protocols in the metropolis will be duly taken through the necessary legal process to serve as a deterrent to others.

She took the opportunity to advise residents and business operators in the area to wear the faceshield with face masks, as the faceshield still left wearers to at least 90 percent chance of contracting the coronavirus infection.

Mr. Ernest Morgan Acquah, the general manager for Zoomlion (Accra region) said that the company is in continuous contact with the environmental health department of AMA in monitoring progress of work-that is- fumigation and disinfection, and the extent to which it is helping in the fight against the coronavirus infection and spread.

Results have been produced, as coronavirus numbers, which were hitherto high in Accra, have reduced drastically after the first and second disinfection exercises.

It is in this same light that a third phase has been initiated, following a suspected second wave, he indicated.

The fight against the coronavirus in Ghana has been seen in different stages, from fumigation, disinfection of toilets, markets and Lorry stations to legal actions forcing people to comply with standard international safety protocols.

Ghana still has one of the lowest infections in the sub region, but has been relentless in their efforts in eradicating the disease completely from the country.


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