Gov’t Is Using Kotoka Airport to Scam Travellers in the Name of COVID Test – Edem Alleges

    Ghanaian rapper Edem has exposed rot and scam currently ongoing in Ghana. According to the rapper, the government has a major stake in this scam.

    Edem, in a statement written on twitter monitored by GhanaNewsPage,made it known that while many airports have stopped taking money twice to test travelers, Ghana is still ‘extorting’ money from people.

    He alleged that government is using the Kotoka International Airport to scam travelers all in the name of COVID-19 test.

    Edem asked why the government made it mandatory to take a COVID-19 within 48 hours before traveling to Ghana and upon arrival, is made to pay for a different COVID-19 test before you entry into the country.

    “No country I have been to in the past couple of weeks makes you pay to take another Covid test asides the one before entry..The ghana test on arrival is a pure scam and rip off …It should stop..How can you test 48hrs later and test again smh” Edem wrote.

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