GPRTU Suspends Planned 15% Increase In Transport Fares

    A planned further 15% increase in transportation fares has been suspended by the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU).

    Speaking shortly after a meeting involving players in the commercial transportation industry, Public Relations Officer of the GPRTU, Abbas Imoro, said they were informed by a reliable source in the course of the meeting that there will be a reduction in the prices of fuel on Friday.

    He says the percentage of the reduction of prices at the pumps will determine the percentage of GPRTU’s increase in fares.

    “We heard during our meeting that there is going to be a reduction in fuel prices from tomorrow and so we decided to suspend our planned increment and so we are yet to see the new prices by tomorrow and then we will communicate with the public as and when the difference comes out tomorrow,” he said.




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