Haruna Iddrisu is also qualified to lead NDC as flagbearer – Muntaka


    The Member of Parliament for Asawasi and Minority Chief Whip, Alhaji Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka thinks that his friend and Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu is also qualified as a presidential candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for Election 2020.

    Nonetheless, he thinks the time is not ripe to be deciding on who should lead the NDC for 2020 now.

    Rather, he thinks the concentration for now, should be on working and reorganizing the grassroots of the NDC.

    In a radio interview on Accra based Citi FM Thursday evening, Alhaji Muntaka said the “right time will tell who should lead us.”

    Responding to a question as to who he thought would be a good candidate to lead the NDC, the Asawasi MP refused to state his preference and said all the names coming up were qualified candidates but insisted the party was not ready to settle on a leader now.

    Question: “Do you have presidential ambitions?”

    Muntaka: “Well there is nobody under this sun who starts doing something and does not want to get to the climax of it but all depends on the will of Allah, I’m a politician, if it is the will of Allah that one day I get there, why not.”

    The NDC after losing Election 2016 has been re-organising for 2020 and consequently set up a committee chaired by Professor Kwesi Botchwey, to review the loss but even before the committee could finish its work, a number of names have popped up, as potential contestants to lead the party.

    They include former President John Mahama, Prof Joshua Alabi, Alban Bagbin, Spio Garbrah, Sylvester Mensah, Goozie Tanoh and Ezanetor Rawlings as running mate.

    Asked if he supports Mr Mahama, who is supposed to be enjoying majority support, Alhaji Muntaka said: “Let’s wait for the right time and the right leader will emerge.”

    “It would be too early to say that Imoro Sanda [interviewer] should lead us, or Mr B or Mr C or Madam B should lead us.”

    Question: Is John Mahama your favourite candidate?

    Muntaka: “John Mahama has led us and I think he did the best that he could.”

    Question: Do you think John Mahama’s candidature is the best bet for NDC?

    Muntaka: “its too early in the day.”

    Question: Is it so difficult for you to tell me whether or not a John Mahama candidature is the best bet for the NDC?

    Muntaka: “its so early in the days. It is very early in the days.”

    Question: “Other names have popped up. The honourable Alban Sumana Bagbin?”

    Muntaka: “Look from the President [Mahama] to whoever, the names that are coming, they are all qualified but as to who will best lead us [NDC] into 2020 I perfectly agree with the President [Mahama] that lets wait for the right time… I have a lot of faith in Allah that when the time comes he will give us the wisdom and understanding to pick the best person.”

    Question: “Your response sound like you do not support John Mahama?”

    Muntaka: “Its not true…I have very close relationship with the President [Mahama], I’m like a younger brother to him but I agree with what he said [time not ripe to decide on next leader] and I’m sticking strongly to it.”

    Question: “the honourable Haruna’s name has been mentioned.”

    Answer: “Haruna is a qualified person, why not, we were in school together, the right time will tell who should lead us.”