Hassan Ayariga Offered Me Bribe …But I Rejected It – kwabenya Queenmother


    “He offered me forty thousand Ghana cedi for my personal keep so that I could ensure that the lands and all matters surrounding it were dropped… when I refused, he decided to top up the money to fifty thousand Ghana cedis but I still refused. He later tried making some funny claims that the plots of land were sold to him by the Atomic Agency who are only tenants of our lands and have sales on our behalf,” she alleged.

    Naa Korkoi Dagbatey told this paper in an interview on Wednesday that, the leader of APC, bought the twenty plots of land from one of her brothers without proper documentations at a cost cheaper than what had been agreed on by the four royal gates that made the Odai Ntow Family.

    She said that the four families had agreed to sell some plots of land within their control for sixty thousand Ghana cedis (60,000) noting that her brother disregarded the decision of the four families and single handedly transacted the business with Dr. Hassan Ayariga.

    “When we noticed what our brother had done, we confronted him and he opened up to tell us the truth. He even disclosed that Dr. Ayariga had paid only forty thousand cedis (40,000) out of the two hundred thousand (200,000) and is supposed to pay for the twenty plots of land but added a rickety Benze car to supposedly make up for the rest only money,” she said.

    The Queen mother noted that, she and her and her elders invited Dr. Ayariga for a meeting where they informed him about the price the family had decide to sell their lands for, but the ACP founder quickly but in he said he would not to pay more than what he had agreed on with their brother.

    The Queen mother disclosed that Ayariga later went and showed her pictures of the project he wanted to use the land for buts he showed no interest and indicated that she had a higher level of trust for Hon. Adjoa Safo, the Member of parliament for the kwabenya constituency in terms of developmental projects and did not need him to develop her area.

    She said that they tried to stop Dr. Ayariga from developing the land but in the attempt, his body guard dressed in military uniform, attacked and injured one of their men hinting that the issue was still with the Atomic Police division.
    She stated that it was later discovered that the body guard was not a military personnel but only draped in the military apparel with the aim of scaring them.

    The Queen mother also revealed that Dr. Hassan Ayariga had demolished properties on eight other plots of land belonging to other persons with the claim that those lands belonged to him.
    “He has stolen eight (8) other plots of lands making it twenty eight in all and is threatening me that he will deal with me if I visit the land again but that is just a loose talk. I will visit the land every morning without fear because it is my property,” she stressed.

    The Kwabenya queen mother therefore said that she and her chiefs were ready to go every mile with Dr. Hassan Ayariga if he thinks he is well connected and can just come into their territory to rob them of what rightfully belongs to them.

    When contacted via telephone, Dr. Hassan Ayariga said that he was only going to talk after listening to the tape on the conversation between the New Crusading Guide and the Queen mother of Kwabenya.
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