Health benefits of Turkey Berry (Kwahu Nsusua)

    Turkey berry locally known as Kwahu nsusua can be found in Ghana and other parts of the world.

    Actually the name Kwahu nsusua is pronounced as kwanho nsusua which means roadside berries in the twi language.

    Since time immemorial, kwanho nsusua has been used by our great grandparents as a regular diet due to its health benefits. Doctors have evolved to study the health benefits of turkey berry and recommends it in our meals

    In Ghana, the turkey berry has several names given to it, depending on where one comes from. Some of these names include Ama Julie or anona ntroba in the Fante, Yaa asantewaa, beduru,etc

    The turkey berry is an amazing plant and has so many health benefits, I will take this post to highlight some key ones for you.

    1. It is very good for treatment of anaemia

    The turkey berry contains a lot of iron and it’s very good for treatment of anaemia. They stimulate the
    production of red blood cells in the body which keep anaemia and it’s related diseases at bay!

    2. Prevention of intestinal worms

    Regular intake of Kwahu nsusua will help prevent the formation and growth of worms in your intestines. Dried and powdered berries can be added to gravies and eaten for this effect

    3. Regulation of Menstruation.

    The turkey berry is a very good tool in regulating menstruation. Adequate consumption is good for women for proper menstruation.

    4.It is powerful tool in preventing cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

    The kwanho nsusua contains saponins, flavonoids, torvoside, alkaloids, glycosides and many other important chemicals which are powerful antioxidants capable of fighting cardiovascular diseases,strokes and cancers.

    A dried berry made into powder is capable of reducing blood pressure and therefore can prevent heart attack. Including fresh turkey berry in your diet is extremely important for cardiovascular disorders

    5. It is very good in treatment of cold and flu

    Kwanho nsusua is very useful in the prevention and treatment of cold and flu.



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