South Africa’s minister of health has said his ministry is currently in talks with the Home Affairs Ministry to draft a bill which will eventually become a law to criminalise doggy sex style between partners in the country.

58-year-old Aaron Motsoaledi said a comprehensive research conducted over a period of three years has revealed that the surge in cancer and stroke in the country can be attributed to couples’ delight in doggy sex style. He is quoted to have told The insider: “On cancer – one of the main causes of cancer is stress, fatigue and tiredness.


“The most energy consuming and stressful sexual position for men is doggy; hence the connection is more than clear.

“Look, I am only giving you guys a snippet, but we will be posting the results of the full research on the Ministry website.” Aaron Motsoaledi said discussions are underway between him and his colleague, the Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba to ensure the practice is outlawed so as to minimise stroke and cancer related deaths among men. He said: “This is the reason why South African married men die and leave their wives a lot these days.”

The health minister is however reported to have said that the doggy style could be practiced only on occasions such as Christmas and valentine’s days.
It is only time that will tell how offenders of any such law will be arrested and what kind of evidence based trial they will face.