Help identify bodies in Shama car crash – Tarkwa Police appeals

    The Western Regional Police MTTD Commander, Chief Superintendent, Isaac K Sorkpah, is urging persons whose relatives travelled on Tuesday from Tarkwa to Accra and have not arrived at their destinations to contact the Tarkwa station.

    According to him, it will aid in identifying passengers who boarded a Ford vehicle with registration number GW 6628-21 which was involved in a fatal accident.

    14 people onboard an Accra-bound Ford vehicle from Tarkwa died in a car crash at Asem Asa in the Shama District, near the boundary between Western and Central Regions.

    Chief Superintendent Isaac K Sorkpah who spoke to Citi News said “at the moment we have been able to estsblish the identity of the ford bus, which is GW 6628-21. We urge persons whose relatives travelled between the two towns to contact the Tarkwa police station and be very sure which of the buses their relatives boarded.”

    “They can as well contact the Central Regional Police MTTD for the needed assistance.”



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