Hero Movement Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), is seeking to educate young people who unfortunately have dropped out of school for some unknown reasons to acquire vocational skills such as Floral Decoration, Pastries, and Cookery among others.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the foundation, Mr Kwaku Adu Afari said the foundation seeks to enhance and provide promising futures to people who believe no light exists at the end of their life tunnels.

“We seek to educate girls through vocations. Most of the girls who are school drop outs in Ghana have no hope in life, the reason Hero Movement Foundation has come to help our girls from joblessness to assist them acquire vocational skills to support their life…” he said.

Hero Movement

He added that this gesture aims at encouraging the people especially young girls to set up their own businesses in order to feed themselves and family whiles they achieve their lifetime goals along the way.

“My aim is to provide jobs and enhance the standard of living of the less privileged women in the society. I want to give them a promising future to live up to the demands of the society…” he maintained.

The CEO however maintained that the aim of the foundation is not solely for financial gains but rather for the good will of the society hence their acceptance and support to make the foundation grow is welcomed.

“You don’t need money to join the foundation. It has come to impact positivity into people. It has nothing to do with money. I need the support of the society to prosper.  I just want to help those who feel less privileged to come back to life…” he said.

Hero Movement (2)

Mr Afari also runs the same NGO in South Africa and has made several donations such as enrolling kids in schools, helping the jobless among others.

The organization, he stressed, for the limited time works with people within 15-30 years age range.

“We help people within fifteen to thirty years age range. They should be positive, determined and willing to become someone important in life, we don’t just enroll anyone into the scheme…” he added.