Hold the Police and Military responsible for the lives lost in Ejura – Stonebwoy

    Stonebwoy has made his frustrations known about the killing of Kaaka and the other two guys who stood up in an attempt to demand justice for their lost brother.

    While the demonstration was ongoing, 4 persons were shot with 2 of the shot protestors confirmed dead, sparking outrage on social media.

    According to Stonebwoy in a tweet, the blame should not be directed at the president only but the military and the police who caused the mess to be held responsible for the lives lost in Ejura.

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    “Kaaka didn’t have to die. He was only advocating for the improvement of the lives of his fellow citizens including the very people that killed him. He was killed because he refused to be a spectator,” Stonebwoy said before continuing to address the outrage on social media.

    They were only venting their frustration. Yet the men and women who have sworn an oath to protect us and serve us with integrity attacked them.
    We need justice for Kaaka. We need to hold the police and military responsible for the loss of lives in Ejura.
    #Outside #NaGoIn



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