‘Holy Bible full of lies’


    A Ghanaian Traditionalist and Anthropologist, Osofo Ahadzi has described the norms and practices of the followers of Christianity as false.

    He indicated that, the Holy Bible as one of the greatest conceited books ‘full of lies’ ever to be published.

    Osofo Ahadzi assertion comes after General overseer of Glory Temple Charismatic Ministry (GTCM), Reverend Sam Korankye Gary has petitioned the Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Mr Kofi Dwamesi, preceded by the ban on noise making to evenly remove the ban to allow religious institutions function effectively.

    This was after Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has announced a month ban on drumming and noise making.

    The Assembly asked all residents within the metropolis to minimize their noise levels if they embark on any outdoor activities, however, a joint task force team is to ensure there is little or no incident during the ban.

    But the pastor maintained that such traditional practices are archaic hence must be abolished.

    “They should cancel it so we can serve God and Serve him well. If freedom of worship is true, then no religion should suppress the other. It steals our joy. My problem is not about the culture but the ban of drums and noise making. I’m not against any religion but I think we should find another way since churches use the drums and organs to build their kingdom…” he asserted.

    In a rebuttal, Osofo  Ahadzi in an interview on Class FM on Thursday said, Christianity is a false religion hence they have no case to declare such petitions on the ban of drums and noisemaking.

    According to him, there are so many stories in the Bible that contradict each other hence some of them don’t even connect to make ‘sense’ as a religion.

    “The Christian Religion is a false religion. The Bible itself is full of lies. So they have no case. If they don’t want instructions then they must pack and go back…”

    He cited an instance in the book of Genesis where the first man to be created, Adam slept and his rib was taken out by God to create Eve, the first woman.

    The traditionalist further queried, “Where and whom did Moses get the Genesis story from? Where was he when God took out the rib to create Eve? Abraham was older than Moses by Far but Moses was able to write about Abraham’s life. How did Moses do that?”

    “Where was Moses when God took out the rib of Adam to create Eve? Again where did Moses get the story? That is not a true story but the foundation of their Christian religion a religion that which starts on lies. Abraham was older than Moses by far but Moses was about to write how Abraham lived his life…”

    He further added that in reference to Isaiah 20:4 in the Bible, he wondered which God will allow “the king of Assyria to lead away the Egyptians as prisoners, and the Ethiopians as captives, young and old, naked and barefoot, even with their buttocks uncovered, to the shame of Egypt.”

    With this among other factors, he described the Holy Bible as ‘Full of Lies’, the reason he’s urging Reverend Sam Gary and his congregation to migrate out of Accra, same as Jesus Christ did in the Bible when he left the community to pray in peace.

    “When Jesus wanted to pray he left the community. He didn’t want any noise or disturbance. So why can’t the Christian do the same as our deities need some peace. They don’t find ours worthwhile. But if they say Christ has prepared a place for them in heaven, they have to leave earth, this is our land. That’s the confusion. One Bible, how many churches don’t we have…?” he said.