Hot VIDEO: NDC’s Kwakye Ofosu RECORDED in someone’s girlfriend’s room

    Felix Kwakye Ofosu, the NDC Parliamentary candidate for Abura Asebu Kwamankese in the Central Region was allegedly seen in a room with a woman who was engaged to be married to someone else.

    In a viral video sighted by GhanaNewsPage.Com, Kwakye Ofosu, the former deputy minister for Information under the erstwhile John Dramani Mahama administration is seen accosted by relatives of an unnamed future husband of a lady that he, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, had visited.

    “Felix, I’ll record every single thing for people to see…should I call your wife? What are you doing in my brother’s room at this hour…if you talk to me nicely we’ll end it here but if you play hard I’ll be hard,” a voice in the camera is heard questioning Kwakye Ofosu.

    Felix Kwakye Ofosu stated heaven and earth that he had nothing to do with the lady in question.

    “My wife is not in the country but do you know my wife?” Felix Kwakye Ofosu asked.

    A lady in the video who is described as the elder sister of the future husband alleged that Felix had a brown towel around his waist heading to the washroom.

    “He had a brown towel around his waist…I want you to come and see something,” the supposed future husband’s sister, wearing a yellow dress, alleged, but there was nothing like that in the video. The time of the recording has also not been independently verified.

    Kwakye Ofosu then asked what the point in questioning him and recording at the same time was, but the male voice retorted, “because you’re an expert in lying…my only point is what is an honourable member doing in my brother’s girlfriend’s room at 5am. My brother is coming down to marry the same girl.”

    The male voice stated that Felix Ofosu Kwakye has been a regular visitor in the house and mostly spends the night there but this time around they cannot comprehend what is going on.

    It is shocking that the male voice who claimed in the video that Felix Kwakye Ofosu has been coming to their house and sleeping over for a long time now says, “Now it is too much.”

    That leaves one mysterious question: is it okay for Felix Kwakye Ofosu to be sleeping with their brother’s engaged girlfriend in their brother’s own house where those in the video also supposedly live, for so long without any issues but “now it is too much”?

    One thing is clear: Felix did not deny anything in the video. He sought, however, to ask why now.

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