PHOTOS: Komenda Sect-Tech student beaten mercilessly by house mistress for going out without Exeat

    A student of Komena Senior High Technical School in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem Municipality of the Central Region, Serafina Mensah has been beaten mercilessly by her house mistress for going out without exeat.

    The student received forty lashes from the House Mistress, Miss Ama Sika for going out with a friend for food without seeking permission from the authorities.

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    According to Sarafina, she was instructed by her parents to go home for food to be used in school since she is a boarder.

    She then left the school premises with one of her mate on Sunday.

    The victim said in an interview that that she returned on Monday evening and they were invited by the Housemistress and ordered to kneel down, an order they obeyed.

    After kneeling, Madam Ama Sika then gave Sarafina forty strokes on her buttocks with blood oozing.

    Sarafina stated that she showed what had happened to the mistress who told her to wait for the next day to go to the infirmary for treatment.

    Sarafina refused and rather went to the hospital for treatment.


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