How Abesim Chief and wife kɨlled a pregnant woman and chopped her mɛat in 1988

    The Abesim Murder case involving Richard Appiah has given the oldies echoes of what happened in February 1988 at the same town.

    In the year 1988, a certain Nana Twene and his wife, Susana Ameyaa were arrested for a similar offense.

    Similar to what Richard Appiah did to his victims, Nana Twene also butchered his victims like animals.

    Nana Twene who was the Kontihene of Abesim was also a Sawmill operator and he allegedly used to kill his victims with his machine together with his wife.

    He was arrested when a certain pregnant woman from Accra, Lamley Sampa got missing in the town of Abesim.

    Under the then Military government of Chairman Jerry John Rawlings, Ghana Armed Forces arrested Nana Twene.

    He initially denied his involvement in the murder of Lamley Sampa but his accomplice exposed him saying Nana Twene wanted the blood of a pregnant woman for rituals which would’ve made him untouchable, where everything he says would be accepted at the Palace.

    Nana Twene and his accomplices were sentenced to death by a local tribunal and after he was shot dead, soldiers tied his body to a car and displayed it through the town of Abesim.



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