Often, workers are advised to avoid dating someone in their workspace because of many reasons.

For those who are against dating in the office, they argue that it may have a negative effect on the job but some dating experts believe office dating can be handled with a little bit of care.

One of such people is the renowned counselor, Amos Kevin-Annan.

Mr Kevin-Annan has provided tips on how workers who are thinking of dating at their jobs, can do so without problems.

“It is possible to date but the topmost priority is to ensure that you do it discretely. Don’t disclose it to people too much. Do not allow their work to suffer because once you do that you cause the attention of your HR,” he advised.
“How much time you spend together doing work is something you must guard against. Make sure you are not gonna be caught getting physical. That is a no-no because ‘Big Brother‘ is watching [sic].


“When people are in love, anything they do can be sexual. You don’t wanna stimulate anything you cannot tame. That’s why we have situations where people have s3x, blowjobs, all kinds of jobs in the office space,“ he concluded.