The double track system introduced by the ruling government has created jobs for some Ghanaians.

Double track system was introduced by the ruling government to maintain all students who took advantage of the free senior high school.

The double track system took off in the September 11, 2018/19 academic year.

Meanwhile the track gold students on the other hand started school on the 8th of November, 2018.

The introduction of the double track system was to afford the government the ability to deal with the large number of placed candidates who didn’t have the opportunity to school after the introduction of the Free Senior High School due to lack of classrooms and inadequate teachers.

The implementation of this policy was made public in September 2017/18 when the academic year commenced.

Before the introduction of this new policy, SHS students only attended classes organized by their various school authorities to keep these students busy during vacations. These vacation classes are normally organised only on third terms.





The introduction of the free S.H.S and double track system has created employment for some Ghanaians.

This is because, gold track students who were home waiting to enter Senior High School have been kept busy by attending these classes organized by different Ghanaians at various vicinity.

Meanwhile, green track students who will also be home soon will definitely be their next target.

Looking at the number of sign boards, posters, and banners in town advertising classes being organized for both gold and green track students is a clear indication that the introduction of double track system has created employment for some Ghanaians.

Source: Ghana | | Belinda Amoako-Arthur