Hundreds rescued after fire breaks out in Hong Kong’s WTC

    Dozens of firefighters managed to extinguish a fire that ripped through one of Hong Kong’s busiest high-rise building on Causeway Bay.

    Police told reporters that everyone in the Hong Kong World Trade Centre has been rescued, after hundreds were trapped earlier on the rooftop of the building.

    “The fire has been extinguished,” said Al Jazeera’s Britt Clennett, speaking from in front of the ashen building.

    “This is one of the busiest shopping districts and it has caused a lot of chaos and a lot of stress.”

    At least 13 people have been taken to the hospital, Clennett added, with some suffering from smoke inhalation.

    “This happened during lunch hour, which is peak hour,” Clennett said. “There would have been many people inside that building having lunch with their colleagues, perhaps out shopping.”



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