I am not a cheap girl – Angry Moesha Boduong throws tantrum


    If what controversial Moesha Boduong posted on her Instagram page is anything to go by, then can say that she is not happy about how the public pictures her.

    The actress and model has reacted to the public perception that she is a cheap lady because she mostly flaunts her curves on social media. According to the young lady who might have heard such conversations several times, it is not in the constitution of the country that it is illegal to display ostentatiously your body in public.

    The outspoken Instagram sensation continued to tell the world that exhibiting her assets in noway tells that she is for sale or a cheap girl so Ghanaians should not judge her wrongly. She later described all who talk evil about her constant showing of body to the public as hypocrites.

    “Dear society ,being curvy is not a crime and me deciding to flaunt what I have does not mean I am for sale or I am a cheap girl ,really can we cut the hypocrisy already ,the same thing a slim girl will do and get away with it. Ladies dress sexy for themselves and not for attention or for a man to like them .Let’s stop body shaming.. ” she wrote on instagram.