I am not an angel – John Agyekum Kufuor


    Although President Kufuor admitted to not being ‘the perfect man’, he ‘managed’ to spill out his drive to 55 years of successful marriage life.

    During a discussion with Bola Ray, he listed among others; respect for partners, sincerity and tolerance as key values to a fruitful married life.

    When thrown the question about what has been the motivation to stay with his wife all these years, he replied by saying; “respect for your partner, sincerity and I’m not an angel. I suffer ups and downs like anybody else but the whole idea is to respect the partner and try to be as sincere as possible with her. Try to be also tolerant because she won’t be perfect either”.

    Meanwhile, the former president believes he has lived a ‘more’ fulfilled life adding that destiny has been kind to him all through his career and his family.

    “I feel more than fulfilled. Destiny has been kind to me, my family and the career I chose’’. he added.