I Am Suspicious Of Edward Akuffo Addo-Kwame Thompson

    The Executive Director of the Alliance For Social Equity And Public Accountability(ASEPA),Kwame Thompson has disclosed he is beginning to have a lot of suspicion about Edward Akuffo Addo.

    The Executive Director of ASEPA speaking to Akwasi Aboagye in Neat FM’s ‘GHANA MONTIE’ morning show monitored by GhanaNewsPage said he is beginning to have a lot of suspicion as he was attacked in his house at night by armed robbers on tuesday June 1,2021 and the incident happened exactly two days after he had the discussion with another panelist concerning Edward Akuffo Addo using the presidential jet for his personal travels on Class Media Group’s Accra FM.

    “The Armed robbers took every electrical gadget in my room and some amount of money I had on me that day,”he said.

    “The CID investigating my robbery case said the incident looked like a targeted job assign by an enemy and that is why I am becoming suspicious of Edward Akuffo Addo,”he revealed.

    According to Mensah Thompson,”The CID also said the thieves used chlorophyllin which caused me into a deep sleep and that is why I did not hear anything that went on during that period.”

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