I can resurrect the dead – Kaywa


    Music producer and sound engineer David Kojo Kyei, commonly known as Kaywa, says he can now heal and bring the dead back to life through the power given to him by God.

    He made the declaration on Sunday during an interview on ‘This Is Gospel’ on Hitz FM with Franky5.

    According to him “Jesus prophesied certain times in his life, He spoke to the fig tree that when I come back you will wither, you will die and it truly happened. Jesus Christ used His gift in healing the blind by calling Lazarus from the dead and so He says that ‘what you saw me do, I have given it to you as far as you believe’ in Him, it is just the power of God at work,” he explained.

    The renowned producer added, “So if I’m endowed with the same power, I can heal, pray for the dead to come back to life all in the power of Christ which [has] been placed in you. It is not my power but the power of God at work, anytime this power is introduced, there is transformation.”

    Doubting Kaywa’s claim, entertainment critic, Prince Tsegah said why hasn’t he used his ability to resurrect people yet.

    He said on Daybreak Hitz, “In as much as it is good news as a brother who can pray for people to be healed and most of all, [cause a dead person to come back to life] then what are you doing in Ghana here?”.

    “You should be a world icon, if you can raise the dead. Why was Kaywa not called to pray for Professor Mills to resurrect?”.

    But in his response, Kaywa clarified that he “only meant that, once you believe, it is easy to bring back the death to life”.

    Asked by the host if he has ever prayed for someone to be healed Kaywa said: “I desired this as a Christian after I came to know the deep knowledge of Jesus Christ and He says that it is possible to do”.

    “I have prayed for people who have issues, sickness [and] I just couldn’t believe it and one way or the other God has touched them, it is not by your work but God’s work established in you.”