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“I didn’t touch her; sit up or you’re useless” – Gyampo to BBC as he threatens to sue


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The Head of European Studies at the University of Ghana (UG), Professor Ransford Edward Gyampo, who has been implicated in the latest ‘Sex for grades’ investigative documentary of the BBC Africa Eye has hinted at suing the British media house.

Prof Gyampo was seen making what the documentary described as “numerous inappropriate demands” from the BBC reporter who posed as a student of the University of Ghana.

The secret video recordings also captured Prof Gyampo allegedly asking the undercover reporter’s hand in marriage in exchange for academic favours.

Prof Gyampo also allegedly asked for a kiss from the reporter in an excerpt of the documentary published on BBC Somalia’s Twitter handle.

The BBC also reports that Prof Gyampo refuted the accusations against him, citing entrapment.

Responding to the allegations after the excerpts of the video went viral, Prof Gyampo said: “My lawyers have prepared my suit even long before they aired, you saw the documentary. So, tomorrow morning, we will sue them [BBC] and go to court”

According to the lecturer, the “BBC must sit up, otherwise, they are as useless as any other media outlet that is not worth its salt”.

In his opinion: “The BBC of yesteryears that was independent and looks into matters from all angles is now the BBC of a few people who are paid by some politicians who do not like people who are independent-minded. They get paid and they get pushed to do their bidding”.

On the allegations of sexual misconduct, the lecturer said: “I have not slept with her and I didn’t sleep with her. I didn’t touch her; I haven’t done anything untoward”.

He continued: “I don’t care, once I haven’t done what they said I have done, my conscience is clean. I will continue to do what I know how to do best; I will teach, treat my students with love and respect, I will say my mind on all national issues at all times, damn the consequences”.

“I don’t care about them [BBC], I care about my nation – Ghana – I will continue to live a life of ingenuity and serve my nation”.

Prof Gyampo said prior to the incident, his assistant called him one day when he was about to rush to a meeting and he was told there was a lady who had come to see him but met his absence for more than 20 times.

“So, they brought her in”. … She said all manner of things,” Prof Gyampo narrated, adding, he asked her of her mission and gave her directions after she said she was researching on academic freedoms.

“Most of our conversations were held in my office where I had my four assistants here. How can I harass somebody in the full glare of my assistants? So, we shared conversations and we all laughed about it. The next thing I heard is that BBC said my conversations with her were inappropriate and it amounts to harassment. How did I harass her?” he questioned.

He said from the outset, the lady “was not my student, she is not even a student in the university, so, how do I manipulate the grades of somebody who is not even my student and a student of the university”.

He said the whole saga “is a calculated effort and attempt by some people to run my name and image in the mud. Maybe, to see if that will silence me and all that”.


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