I don’t depend on NDC resources to work as National organizer – Akamba

    National Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joshua Hamidu Akamba has categorically stated that he does not depend on the party’s resources to do his job as a national executive.

    He says he is a self-made man who understands and appreciates the mantle of leadership and having the resources to do that is part of it.

    Mr. Akamba says his other reason not to depend on party resources is to be able to be vocal and speak his mind freely on the party and national issues without anybody controlling him.

    He made these comments on Ultimate 106.9 FM a Kumasi-based radio station when throwing more light on his leadership abilities as National Organizer of the NDC.

    ‘‘I am the first National Organizer, I don’t know about my predecessors I have never written to my party for fuel to go to anywhere to work, from the 2020 election all through’’

    ‘‘I have never taken my vehicle to the party to service, I have never asked for the party to pay for my hotel bill, I am saying it on air’’ quote me.

    ‘‘I was trained, I mean you know Justice Akamba, I was trained properly to not to get myself muddled in things like that, so I can speak my mind.’’

    Mr. Akamba, says he is very much aware that some people don’t like him because of his bravery and meticulousness to duty. He is never oblivious of that and sometimes wonders why they do that and what they derive from saying negative things about him.

    ‘‘You hear people saying I have pulled a gun, which is not true, people just want to tarnish my image’’.

    ‘‘People just generate stories about me and I know where these stories are coming from, especially the one in the Ashanti Region about me pulling a gun’’.



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